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Trial Run Hair Session Saves the Day

Aidah Williams - Sunday, June 29, 2014

True Story- I received a call on a Friday morning from Mary Rios a WONDERFUL Event Planner whose client was scheduled to get married the following day and in a panic looking for a stylist for her FULL wedding party of six!!!! I had to ask why they had waited until the last minute?  At that moment I was informed that they actually had a hairstylist who was scheduled and moments before left a message that simply stated "due to an emergency I can't make it sorry..!" Since time was of the essence there wasn't much time to figure out that situation they just needed HELP!

Fortunately the wedding was an evening wedding and around the corner from where I would end my wonderful day of styling brides. So I decided to take the job  with no clue as to what i was getting my self into , But I LOVE what I do! I could only image who the Bride must feel and I was glad it worked out that I would be in the area.

Saturday afternoon I walked into the hotel suite to find 7 lovely ladies waitng for me. Very friendly and extremly nervous! I identified the bride and asked for her first so that we could have a mini-consultaion. That's when the magic happend! She had done a complete trial run with her stylist, so we were not starting from scratch! We were able to communicate what it was she wanted to create and had in front of us the final expected outcome. 

I  complimented her for being prepared and gave kudos to her stylist for having her adequately ready for her wedding! Taking the time to schedule a Trial Run Hair Session is as important as getting fitted for your gown! Without it there's no telling how this day might have turned out. Trial runs usually last and hour or more in lenth and require tons of communication to get it just right. Once its finished you are able to verbally communicate what you would like to see visually. Since she had what she was looking for handy we were able to consult in about 5 minutes and she was very confident I would be able to deliver, and of course I did!

When it was over the entire Bridal party was pleased. My heart was happy when the beautiful bride exclaimed "This is exactly what I wanted to look like on my wedding day!!!"

Trial Run Hair sessions are vital to insuring a successful Wedding day out come. Call or schedule yours online, it is well worth it!

~Aidah Sama

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Aidah Williams - Wednesday, March 13, 2013
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